Big idea

Permus produces high technology solutions for the operational efficiency and security needs of corporate enterprises in finance, energy and health sectors, particularly in telecommunications.


Permus Software Solutions in Turkey, provides national and international services and offers special software solutions to its customers. In addition to software, we produce special hardware solutions. Platforms on which we develop applications are Windows, macOS, OS X, Android, IOT systems. We are pleased to serve you, our valued customers, in different fields and sectors in our office.

Our vision;

By using information and technology at the highest level, to provide high quality service and support to our customers at any time, place and condition. Gathering together many advantages, especially the concept of time, which is very valuable in the projects we develop, to realize the works by considering the short, medium and long term periods, not the present.

Our Mission;

To produce and develop quality, flexible and solution-oriented projects for companies that have to increase their efficiency in international competitive conditions, by combining our expert staff with our knowledge in the field of software.


Software Technology

  Traffic and Mobility Aware Delay Modeling for Software-Defined Networks (SDN)
Software Technology   Personalized Training in Fast-Food Restaurants Using Augmented Reality Glasses
Software Technology   Flow-Based Network Tomography Agent for Software Defined Data Center
Software Technology   A Computer Vision System to Localize and Classify Wastes on the Streets